Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor Review

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This review is about Aqara temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor
for the Xiaomi smart house ecosystem.

In contrast to the white-gray boxes in which the majority of the devices is delivered, this parcel is quite colourful.


The technical specifications are on the rear side of the box as usual.I ‘d like to remind you that the device works on the ZigBee protocol through the Xiaomi gateway
or the Aqara gateway.


The box contains a sensor with a glued double adhesive tape, there is also the second additional piece of the adhesive tape. You can see two holes for the analysis of the temperature humidity and pressure in the lower part of the sensor. The thermometer designation and the blue LED are located at the top of the sensor.


Inspection and measurements
The size of the sensor is about 3.6 cm on each side.


The back cover, like the back cover at the Xiaomi previos model sensor, is unscrewed by a coin, and hides the
CR2032 battery.The manufacturer claims about the operation of the sensor from one battery within 2 years, the software should warn you about the low battery level


On the upper side of the sensor there is a pairing button.Here you can see the visual comparison with a sensor of the previous type.

After the last update, the list of the connected devices has expanded and now it includes the water sensor and the Aqara motion opening and the temperature sensor. The appearance of the plugin is almost identical to the previous one except for a new line with an atmospheric pressure indicator in kPa. To obtain the data in mm Hg, multiply by 7.5. Accordingly there are three “switch” sensors now.


The settings menu, in comparison with the previous sensor – has not changed. It has the
same items in the same order. The chart of temperature&humidity trends are even the same. There is no pressure here

The same can be said about the smart scenarios in which the sensor participates. It offers the same 4 conditions for the triggering of the scenarios: more or less than the specified temperature and more or less than the specified humidity.



By clicking on any of the indicators in the main menu, a timeline appears, the same as on the Xiaomi sensor, but here you can already find pressure readings.

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