Xiaomi Aqara Light Control Switch review

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At the moment there are three types of Aqara switches. Each of the types is divided into two subtypes – one-button  and two- button switches, there are no other differences between them. But the devices significantly differ in type

There are wireless switches, they are completely logical, they are a kind of button, but in a switch format. The second type is the switches physically breaking the phase (fire wire) – they can be installed instead of in place of existing switches and completely replace them. In addition, they have all the “specific functions” of a smart home, namely, the functions of the remote management and the participation in scenarios.

The combination of these types allows them to be used following the pass-through switches, when installed instead of a wall switch – a switch with a phase break is duplicated by the wireless one. This is very convenient, since the wireless switch can be located anywhere. I am going to tell about a wired switch that requires a zero (neutral) line.

The box with a zero line switch – does not differ externally from the switch with the live line break.


There are characteristics of the switch on the reverse side of the box, we can find some differences here. The maximum power is 2500 Watts (at 250 V – 10 A), i.e., there are 220 V in the nets – 2200 watts. Let me remind you that the switches  with a live line break are designed for a maximum power of 800 watts (at 250 V). The rest is the same, you need  Xiaomi or Aqara gateway to work with the switch. If you want, you can not connect it anywhere – it will work as a simple switch right out of the box.

What is in the box?

Externally – all types of the switches are exactly the same. If you look from the side of the key – you can be sure only in their quantity (keys are meant). It is quite difficult to distinguish if the switch is wired, wireless, with or without a zero. By the way, sometimes the switches have a mark of a colour difference as for ex., the MILK WHITE colour, etc. The question arises – are they all the same in color? My  answer is – YES! They all are of the same colour! At the moment there is only one color for the devices- using the terminology of the store – it is milky white.


Differences start from behind – they are presented in the form of an extra contact. The single-key switch with the phase break has two contacts – the input and the output of the phase, but here – there are three contacts (a four -key switch has 4 contacts).As it is easy to guess-the extra contact is a zero, and this line is not broken. This is the problem with the installation as the zero is not available in all places of the switch installation. But as it often happens, there is an outlet next to the switch, you  can take ZERO from the outlet.


There are no other differences.The sizes and dimensions of the switch are the same- 86*86 mm, the internal size is approximately 58*58 mm.


I assembled a test stand with a light bulb  to do tests.


It is important to determine a zero and a phase wire – it is enough to use a indicator screwdriver .  Aqara works right out of the box in the normal switch mode


The connection is via the Xiaomi / Aqara gateway plug-in. We should go to the Devices tab – Add subdevice –  we select the right switch here  – zero fire and then we make connection using the prompts of the screen wizard.


The plug-in management looks like a “socket” one, because it has readings on the consumption of electricity- days and weeks, as well as the total power consumption for the period. This probably is the main feature of this switch, except for a higher power load – it is more than 2 kW.

An energy-saving light bulb with the declared power of 30 W is installed in the test stand. The switch shows an immediate load value of 28.

settings for this switch are quite standard.Pressing the key causes closing/disconnection of the relay in the switch with a zero line. Accordingly, the switch can not be a scenario condition, but only an action. Three actions are available – to turn on, to turn off and to change the status to the opposite one.


The rest of the options have not been changed. There is a choice of the luminary icon – which will be displayed in the switch plug-in plug-in and in the control panel of the gateway plug-in, there is also a possibility to rename the switch, assign it to the group to other devices, display the plug-in label on the desktop. There is a menu of timers to automate the on and off function.



Maintenance of records of electricity consumption
Operation  with the  loads of more than 2 kW (800 watts for circuit breakers with phase failure only)
Work with loads of more than 2 kW (800 watts for switchers with the phase break only)

Necessity of having a zero on a place of installation

Although there are more cons, they refer to  the software (except for the zero line) , and there is a hope that they will be eliminated with time. But the necessity of having a zero line-  is the key problem here, so you should take it into consideration when you start thinking of a switch type you need.

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