Nitecore LR50 camping lantern review

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Today I’d like to present to your attention a camping lamp, where you can adjust the direction of light (3 options). In addition, Nitecore LR50 operates as a charger for two 18650 batteries and a power-bank.

Packaging and presentation:

The device is packed in a yellow-black cardboard box. The camping lamp, a manual and a charging cable are inside the plastic blister.


The lamp housing is well assembled: no creaks, no backlash – It is a real brand name thing! It is higher than the other camping lamps  I’ve seen, in depth- it is a little bit wider than the diameter of the battery.

As a rule, the design of camping lamps is completely monolithic, with the exception of the battery cover. But the Nitecore LR50 lamp is set up differently- to remove the diffuser you should press two latches.


The diffuser is thick and I find it quite handy, in addition, it is removable so if it is damaged, you can easily buy a new one or you can get it under warranty. A seller would not send the full lamp, but he would definitely send such a small part of the device without any problems.

There is a T-shaped construction with 2 place for batteries covered with LEDs inside. The set does not include batteries.


The places for batteries  are just a semicircular shaft with a spring at the negative contact. The batteries are easy to install and are held securely inside. At the top there is a blue indicator among the main LEDs.

There is a D-ring at the bottom of the device.The magnetic base  holds the fully equipped Nitecore LR50 lamp in a horizontal position quite well.


There are 2 connectors – a Micro-USB input and a standard USB output behind the thick and reliable yellow cap (it closes tightly).

The soft orange round buttons are at the base from the opposite sides of the lamp.


The control of the device is quite simple – In order to turn on the flashlight, you must simultaneously hold down both buttons, i.e. the chances of accidentally turning on the lamp are generally excluded.

Nitecore LR50 lighting: The lamp have a light temperature about 4500k and it has a HiCRI- high color rendering index. The charging current is excellent, there’s nothing to complain about at all. In external battery mode, the current is good as well.


The maximum brightness of 250 lumens is really good power  for a simple plastic case and I definitely expected the worst result. Testing experience of many other camping lamps showed that their maximum brightness is very short-lived. But the Nitecore LR50  maximum brightness remains for 40 minutes, then it remains at 200 lumens for an hour and a half. Only two hours later the light reaches half of its maximum. Therefore, it is a very good result!

In mid brightness mode LEDs have full stabilization and can work non-stop all day long, they can work for 2-4 full nights.

3 LEDs in High mode.

As with High mode with all LEDs, the brightness is reduced after a while. I don’t think that it is a bad result, since it is really long + you can always run this mode with the initial brightness if you don’t have enough light. I don’t see the minuses in this, since it is really long + you can always run this mode with the original brightness if you do not have enough light. If you fell asleep and forgot to turn it off, it will even help save battery power.

I decided to check if Nitecore LR50  works through USB without batteries – It woks!!! You can also give light from a power-bank or power supply. The maximum current consumption is 1.5A at a voltage of 5V.


Now I suggest some photos to show Nitecore LR50 work. Certainly,the light is perceived much, more brighter inside. The yellow square in the upper left corner will make it clear which type of light is on.

Here you can clearly see  how the brightness modes are related.

I think that according to the examples above from the old summer house it is clear that the maximum brightness even with 3 LEDs from the end is enough to illuminate the table well at about a meter and a half from the LR50 camping lamp. If you turn on the lamp at full brightness, then it is definitely enough to eat, play cards or read a book. By the way, medium brightness is enough for the first two needs.

If we are talking about a smaller distance, then you can have a look at another example. For ex.: you need to cook dinner. High mode  is redundant for both directions of the light. You can use LOW mode, but MID will be more justified and the most comfortable mode.


General impressions.

I am a big fan of camping lamps and I really liked Nightcore LR50.I have been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to choose the direction of the light, so I can do it now! I consider LR50 to be  an extremely successful combination of charging, a power-bank and a traveling light source. The price is quite at the level of competitors’ products, the lamp does not cost more than some ordinary branded camping lamps. I believe that this model is one of my favorites of all the Nitecore 2019 new products.

It is certainly a comfortable and bright camping lamp.


+ HiCRI light

+ Ability to choose the direction of light

+ Full charging functionality

+ Work in power-bank mode with good current

+ Good duration of maximum brightness and stabilization after stepdown

+ Magnetic base

+ – Nitecore LR50 works with USB without batteries, but only at maximum brightness for each of the directions of the light



– No red light

– Nevertheless, separately each of the directions of the light is dull

– It would be worth releasing a more energy-efficient non-HiCRI version for those who are ready to compromise on the quality of light for its quantity

– The mode is between 65 and 260 lumens (now it can be done by setting the maximum brightness to “1 side + 1 high light”)

– The magnet does not hold horizontal with two batteries.

– does not work with flat-headed batteries- this problem is solved by magnetic spacer.