Honor Earbuds 2 Lite wireless earphones with active noise cancellation

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Honor Earbuds 2 Lite are the new wireless earphones with active noise cancellation. The earphones also feature another mode reminiscent of the “ambient” function found in some full-size models. In this mode, you can enjoy music and at the same time hear certain environmental sounds. The novelty boasts a good battery life (about 10 hours of playback at high volume), as well as a decent, soft and slightly darkened sound.


Model – HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite global version

A2DP decoding format – AAC and SBC

Bluetooth version – 5.2

Earphone charging time – about 1 hour

Charging time of case – about 1.5 hours

Earphone battery capacity – 55 mAh

Case battery capacity – 410 mAh

Features – up to 10 hours of listening to music and up to 32 hours of charging from the case

Fast charging – for 10 minutes up to 4 hours

Weight – 1 earmold about 5,5g

Weight of case – about 41g

Charging port – USB-C

Package Contents:

  1. Plastic case.
  2. The earphones themselves.
  3. 2 pairs of silicone ear cushions.
  4. USB cable – Type-C.
  5. Documentation (manual, warranty card).

The case is small and made of glossy plastic. On the front, we see the application “Honor”, as well as a small LED. It is illuminated in three colors, depending on the situation:

-Red: charging required (the LED illuminates when the cover is opened)

-Green: case is charged

-white: operating status (pairing, etc.)

There is a USB-Type-C port on the bottom. The battery capacity of the case is 410 mAh. Charging time – an hour and a half. Total playback time – 32 hours . Wireless charging is not supported.

On the left side we see one physical button. The button does not protrude from the case and does not hang out, the build quality is very decent. With the help of the button you can connect to the sound source. I did everything according to the instructions: opened the lid of the case, held the button for 2-3 seconds, after that the white LED turned on. Then everything is classic – on your smartphone open the “bluetooth” section, choose Honor Earbuds 2 Lite and use it.


The lid is fixed with magnets. Inside we see 2 compartments for charging, as well as special notches for shells. Inside there are 4 contacts (2 of them are spring-loaded). Each earphone is inserted into its own compartment. The right earphone will not fit into the left compartment, that’s obvious.

Case dimensions: 62 x 46 x 23.5 mm. Weight without headphones: 40 grams, with headphones – 50. The workmanship is good, but the glossy surface is annoying. Very slippery surface attracts dust and various dirt, sometimes there is a desire to wipe the case with some dry cloth.

The Earbuds 2 Lite shells are made of the exact same glossy plastic. The earbuds are non-standard, oval, and short. On the sound tube there is a rim for a more secure attachment of the nozzles, there is a protective cloth mesh. On the inside there are two charging contacts and two microphone holes. Here you can see an additional compensation hole and the marking of the left and right channels.


Earphone control

The control is touch-sensitive :
2 taps: play/pause
2 taps: answer/end call
Press and hold touch key for 10 seconds: Reset to factory settings
Press for about 3 seconds: Switch modes (Noise-cancellation on/Noise-cancellation off/Sound-cancellation mode)
Its own volume control headphones do not have, but it is not needed. On my smartphone I set 60-70% of the maximum volume. Yes, sometimes there are some quiet tracks, but even in this case there is a small margin. Controls are convenient, the sensor is responsive, all combinations work as they should.

Auto Pause is supported (you only need to remove at least one earphone, and then the playback will pause). Playback time on a single charge is 10 hours. The headphones can work separately in mono mode.

Let’s talk about modes.
Noise-cancellation (ANC On). Noise-cancellation is really working and effective. The noise cancelling mode cuts off all unnecessary sounds and allows you to focus on the material you are listening to . Noise reduction doesn’t work for 100%, but for 70-80%, if you pause the playback you will hear some sounds. The second mode, on the contrary, mixes in sounds from outside, the effect of this mode is very noticeable during heavy rain, as well as close to the turned on acoustics.
The third mode: Noise-cancellation OFF. Passive noise reduction. Here, everything will depend on the silicone earpads, I noticed the lack of bass with the smallest earpads, I had to use the medium.
The quality of the wireless connection is good, delays when watching movies-minimal. Of the codecs available: AAC and SBC.


The Honor Earbuds 2 Lite are great wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. I liked the two additional modes – each mode is tuned for a specific situation. In the first one we can muffle all the extraneous sounds, in the second one we can amplify. I would like to note the good build quality, decent sound, no changes on the AFC with and without noise suppression. The sound is massive, bassy, soft.