Xiaomi Smart Home FAQ

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This section will include helpfull information about Xiaomi smart home products,setup guides,tutorials,troubleshooting and other usefull stuff.

List of Xiaomi Mijia smart sensors and gateways
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MiJia Smart Power Plug 2 (Wi-Fi Edition) Buy from->Gearbest  Aliexpress 
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MiJia Honeywell Smoke Fire Alarm Detector Buy from->Gearbest Banggood Aliexpress 
MiJia Honeywell Gas Leak Detector Buy from->
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Xiaomi Gateway work?

Gateway works over existing wifi network and connects to Xiaomi cloud servers located in China. All the sensors are connected to the gateway by ZigBee protocol.As the gateway is tied up to your xiaomi account you can control devices from MiHome app not only from LAN but from any place where  internet connection is.

Do Xiaomi, Mijia, Aqara  sensors work with Aqara, Mijia, Xiaomi gateways?
Yes, they do! There is no difference what to connect to.
Can the sensors connected to different gateways participate in one scenario?
No problem- they can. The only difference is that the scenarios in which the sensors located in the zone of responsibility of a single gateway are involved (for example, a wire switch and a wireless repeater), have a LAN operation mode, i.e. they will work with the disconnected Internet, but we need the Internet with the participation of sensors of different gateways (Cloud operation mode).

Many people sometimes identify Wi-fi and the Internet. Please do not confuse – the presence of wi-fi does not mean the presence of the Internet, and at least the scripts with LAN operation mode and Domoticz alternative control systems will work with the internet. Nothing will work without Wi-fi.

How many sensors does one gateway support, and can the sensors be transferred between gateways?

According to the specifications 30 sensors are per 1 gateway. In my experience, the sensor may dump from the gateway after the 25-26-th sensor, so it is better to distribute them evenly among the gateways. The ideal option is 1 gateway per room.In any case – if you are building a functional system, one gateway is not enough.

Is there any difference between MiHome localizations?

Yes,there are much less supported devices in all localizations except Mainland China

After installing MiHome app I want to create a scenario, but everything is in chinese,what to do?

All of the data in the scenarios are loaded  from the chinese servers,so use google photo translate

After installing MiHome app I can’t connect any device?

You may try to change the  country in the app to Mainland China

What will happen if the gateway loses internet connection?

All automation tasks will continue to work in local mode,though you will not get any notification

 Are Xiaomi Smart Home devices supported by the 3rd party smart home systems?

Yes,you can integrate most of the devices with systems like Domoticz,Home Assistant.For more information please refer to according manuals.

Can I use Xiaomi Smart Home with IFTT applets?

No,at this moment, its not possible

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