Xiaomi E-Ink Thermometer

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Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink Thermo-Hygrometer: an accurate and compact device 

Today we shall talk about quite an interesting Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink Thermo-Hygrometer designed to measure temperature and humidity in the room. It has compact dimensions, three types of mounting, an economical and contrast e-ink display based on electronic ink, good accuracy and autonomy.


– Model Name – MHO-C201

– Display – E-lnk

– Range of the measured temperature – 0 ° -60 ° C

– Range of the measured humidity – 0-100%

– Accuracy: ± 0.3 ° C and ± 3% RH

– Power – CR2032 (enough for 1 year)

Packaging and contents

The thermo-hygrometer is packaged in an antistatic bag; all accessories have their own compartments:

The kit includes:

– thermohygrometer

– plastic stand

– 3M adhesive tape plate (Velcro)

– magnetic plate

– instruction ( in Chinese)


Design and build

The Xiaomi MiJia Miaomiaoce E-Ink thermo-hygrometer looks gorgeous:


The case is made of light plastic, pleasant to the touch with rounded edges. The display with well-readable characters  covers the entire front of the device. There are no flaws in molding and according to the manufacturer, eco-friendly materials of  high quality are only  used.

The device has several control buttons. There are five holes on the side end designed for good air access to the built-in sensor:
For battery safety, it is insulated with a plastic tab:

The battery is designed for 1 year of operation. on the back panel you can find the model name, brief characteristics in Chinese and mounting seats.
The set contains three mounting methods: on a plastic stand, on Velcro (3M double-sided tape) and on a magnetic plate.   The first method is suitable for installation on a table, the second-for various vertical non-magnetic surfaces, and the third one is for  vertical magnetic surfaces, for example, fixation on the refrigerator. It is very convenient to put the device on a stand.


But the angle of inclination is fixed and practically does not change:

But this is not a problem, because the display uses an e-ink screen, which has very large viewing angles and a clear image:

In comparison with conventional monochrome displays, the e-ink screen displays are much better and consume much less energy only to redraw the image.

The viewing angles are really impressive:.he image is clear and contrast is maintained even at minimal angles.

The temperature is displayed in the upper part of the screen, the humidity is shown in the lower part, the humidity has an additional indicator in the form of a face image.


The dimensions of the thermo-hygrometer are only 65mm * 65mm * 10mm.

The weight is about 38g


Disassembling a thermo-hygrometer is quite simple-snap off the back cover from the side of the special  indentation:
After such manipulations, you can switch the temperature output mode to Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees by pressing the hidden button, or replace the CR2032 lithium battery.
If you unscrew the four screws and remove the socket, you can see the control board with the sensor:
There is a Holtek HT66F01 chip and combined temperature&humidity DI5BCD sensor:
The sensor is quite accurate, the stated error is very small.



The thermo-hygrometer is quite an interesting device. The advantages are- compact sizes, three types of mounts, an economical and contrast e-ink display based on electronic ink, good accuracy and autonomy.  Besides, its price is rather reasonable. I didn’t find any cons, but I would add a clock,  so this device is well advised for a purchase.